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Sales Management Training

Sales Management Training is primarily about achieving results through the sales team. 

To do this a vast toolkit of knowledge and skills are required. One of which is coaching. I guess a question could be “when is a Sales Manager not a Sales Manager?” Answer: When they are a coach. Which begs yet another question? What is coaching?

Definition: “The Art of facilitating the learning and development of another”. Miles Downey. 

Imagine the dilemma. The Sales Manager is required to coach a member of their team yet they have not identified is it knowledge transfer? Is it Skills development or is there some aspect motivation which is lacking. As a Coach you have to be able to answer those three questions with clarity. In the absence of knowing Sales Managers sometimes coach by guesswork which of course leads to frustration by both parties and behaviours do not change. 

That of course is only the first stage. The Sales Manager is then required to coach. The same challenge still applies. 

Do I have the knowledge to coach? Which of course is a completely different question to do I know how to coach?

If you want to change results you must first change behaviours

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To be a successful sales leader there is a convergence of three core attributes.

Knowledge: Do I know what to do?
Skills: Do I know how to do it?
Motivation: The degree to which I want to.

Sales Management in any organisation is simply one of the most pivotal roles in the organisation. Why? Because this role has singularly more impact on the delivery of organisational objectives than any other. The ability to lead sales people in a manner that results in increasing profitable sales is a task not to be underestimated. Therefore it is imperative that organisations provide the tools to help their sales management community to support their sales people in a way that helps both parties give the best of themselves.

The vast majority of sales managers we work with were promoted or successfully applied for the role without ever having been trained or coached in the art of sales management.

We recognise this so we help to build sales managers knowledge skills and behaviours by applying theoretical learning tools balanced with practical application. This approach re-enforces existing skills and knowledge and provides a practical framework on which to base future sales management decisions and actions.

The ability to reflect and self evaluate is a core leadership skill. On our Sales Management programmes we provide the tools and insight to help delegates refine and adapt their behaviour to ensure peak performance from themselves and their team members.

Our training and consultancy solutions have been universally applied with great success around the globe. 

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