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When do you start negotiating? When you have stopped selling it is often said. Our negotiation training programmes look beyond selling and explore a range of different contexts within which negotiation is a feature. We believe that negotiation is a life skill not just a business skill. Let’s explore a few definitions to see if they give us any clues.

Negotiation can be defined as a process of bargaining by which agreement is reached between two or more parties.

To discuss areas of common interest with a view to finding terms of mutual agreement.

The above definitions give strong indications that the art of negotiation really is a life skill. On our negotiation training programmes we build delegates knowledge of skills by referencing core texts and models. Delegates are encouraged to critically appraise these in group discussions. Delegates then get the opportunity to explore application of the principles in a range of exercises and case studies which significantly builds retention of subject matter by doing.

Our negotiation training programmes are attended by a wide range of delegates from all types of job function. Although the main emphasis is a business context we often work with managers who want to develop their skills further to help them negotiate more effectively with their teams.

However, let’s not lose sight of the fact we are all buyers and sellers at some point in our lives. So, consider for a few moments the following.

What is the job of the buyer? It is to buy, that’s their job, but at the bottom line. But it’s interesting; they don’t know what the bottom line is.

What is the job of the seller? To sell as quoted. So, if the buyer does not know what the sellers bottom line is and the seller does not know what the buyers maximum price is, you have the perfect scenario for a negotiation.

The gap between the buyer’s maximum and the seller’s minimum is commonly referred to as the Zone of Possible Agreement or ZOPA. Therefore it is implicit on either party to influence how the other party feels about where that bottom line is. Everything that is said or done during the sale and importantly the negotiation will influence how the buyer feels about the price quoted.

Our negotiation training programmes will provide you with the knowledge, skills and motivation to achieve that coveted win/win outcome.

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