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What is management? What is leadership? Simple, yet tough questions in their own way. Put simply, do I know when to manage and when to lead? If not then many of us will lead when maybe we should manage and manage when we should lead.

The following definition may help.

“You manage things, you lead people"

At Sales Troubleshooter we successfully equip Managers and Leaders to tackle the rigours of managing and leading people with our accredited Management and Leadership skills training programmes

Typing Leadership and Management into a search engine will return 20 400 000 results in .21 seconds. This indicates a subject that is highly researched and written about. At Sales Troubleshooter we approach Management and Leadership training by combining academic rigour and experiential learning in conjunction with practical application.

This powerful combination ensures that the Management and Leadership Training delegates experience will drive the behaviour change required to help them help their teams give the best of themselves.

Our philosophy towards helping the Managers and Leaders of tomorrow is to embed Covey’s ideals ‘seek first to understand before being understood’ This guiding principle is unleashed through the sales Troubleshooter Management and Leadership training.

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