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Team building

Team Building

In today’s complex and diverse workplace, the ability to work cross functionally and develop outstanding team work is an essential capability within a business leader’s tool kit.

We know that a top performer is greater than the sum of its parts……..we know that top performing teams really do outperform their peers in many different contexts. However, attaining such ideals is often very difficult to achieve in a fast-moving business environment.

Team work is a great way to get things done. There is something very powerful about connecting a group of people to be on the same page, and all working for one ultimate goal. This however can be a very daunting task to perform because of the magnitude of the objective. This is where a keen understanding of teamwork theories comes in handy. A teamwork theory is an organized way of comprehending certain circumstances, procedures, and behaviours.

So. How can we help you?

All workshops are led by my colleague Dave Gooda and I. W Bue have over 35 years of collective experience facilitating ‘team building and ‘lawn based’ learning activities.

We recognize that we all learn differently. So with that in mind we design out workshops and training using Honey and Mumford’s Learning Styles as cornerstones for reference. This ensures delegates have the opportunity to learn in a way that they feel most comfortable with and to stretch their thinking in a safe environment. This approach has helped our clients and delegates achieve real, sustainable learning outcomes.

We use hotel venues with the appropriate outdoor space to enable lawn based activities for experiential learning. Over the past 20 years we have used a range of venues so are best placed to advise which locations would be most appropriate.

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Team Building Training

Team Building Training

Team Building Training

Team Building Training

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