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Sales Leadership Coaching

Just recently working with a client I overheard one manage bemoan to his colleague “I used to see my boss regularly but he now spends all his time driving his desk”. An insightful observation but one I see replicated in companies large and small in the UK and around the world.

The ability to nurture and develop talent in any team is implicit within the leader’s role yet how much time and emphasis is spent in the act of doing just that? Many managers and leaders will have considerable experience of coaching in the moment. How many though have been trained in how to coach or indeed have a coaching qualification of some sort. Very few.

Our coaching workshops are designed around best thinking, core content of which is aligned to The Association of Coaching best practice guidelines. The primary model we reference is GROW (as developed by Graham Alexander).

Our Coaching Workshops balance theory with practical application and are tailored to suit the target audience. As a support mechanism we offer a series of 1:1 telephone coaching sessions to support delegates with their learning in the workplace.

Feedback from a recent two day Coaching workshop for the Board Members of a media company illustrates the impact of our coaching training.

Comments such as ‘Inspirational’ and ‘I could have stayed there all night - Don has introduced me to a new way of communicating and coaching which I feel he demonstrated fantastically well and actively encouraged group participation and discussion which was a great way to embed the knowledge’ demonstrate the impact of what has been delivered

Here are 5 tips to help you take you/your team’s performance to the next level:


  • Have you identified what success/the next level looks like for you/your team?
  • How often do you sit with your team and review how you’re performing together – examining what’s working/not working? Too often I hear about leaders focusing on what is being done as opposed to how it’s being done.
  • Have you identified with your team what the marginal gains are for the way you perform together? Are these reflected in individual coaching plans?
  • How often do you solicit feedback about your performance from your team – what’s working/not working about how you perform?
  • Do you see your role as leader to direct or to support your team? What proportion do you use your ears to your mouth – are you asking/listening or focusing too much on telling? How much time do you spend coaching your team? Do you have diarised locked down coaching sessions?

Sales Leadership Training

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