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Project Management

Project Management

Managing a project is challenging!  Today’s project manager needs to have a mixture of science (technology & processes), art (experience & communication) and patience, particularly when trying to gain agreement from a diverse group, consisting of peers and external stakeholders.

DPM Training are working hand-in-hand with Jacqui Aird-Paterson to deliver  Project Management offerings that have been designed for those wishing to extend their project capabilities.   Whether you are new to a project management role or have had no formal training, this course will provide many practical skills, tools and techniques allowing delegates to confidently and competently manage projects.  The interactive structure of the course means that it will also be useful to those who wish to refresh existing knowledge with industry-standard tools and techniques.

For the science in our projects, we need to capture requirements, make proper use of planning techniques, utilise network analysis and critical path management. In relation to art – this is the heart of the team; encouraging buy-in at all levels, ensuring that the project team work well together, influencing and supporting while maintaining excellent communication levels.  In terms of patience, the project manager needs to have strong interpersonal skills that will be used to manage conflicts as they arise on your projects and working towards that all important collaborative win-win.

As a project manager or project lead, your role requires you to manage and deliver work packages that will lead to the success of your project – potentially from the initial planning stages and approval of the project, all the way through to its execution and ultimate delivery.

Gain the project management skills that will enable you to understand your project better, work towards project success while using your leadership or technical skills to better manage and support your project team.

Jacqui has been a project management trainer, developing an impressive list of UK and international clients since 2002.  With over 30 years of project management experience in a variety of fields from Advertising, to public sector to Oil & Gas, and with operational experience of Learning & Development at senior managerial level, this is an interactive course that is highly recommended for all who wish to learn from someone who has been there and can certainly walk the walk.

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