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Sales Management Training - Powerful Communication Training

Powerful Communication Training

No matter how skilled or knowledgeable you are if you cannot communicate effectively with people your unique attributes will not come across.

With a background in professional acting Hayley brings the tricks and techniques of characterisation and powerful communication to the business environment.

We look at building rapport from the first interaction, listening skills to influence and the power of language to persuade and get buy in.

This programme can deliver amazing results, not only in terms of increased skill and technique but by developing personal presence and confidence. We assess how you come across and what you can do to be more charismatic.

How good are you at saying no? Are you apologetic and powerless or dominant and overbearing? How does the way you behave impact on someone else? Why is it that we naturally gel with some people and find it hard with others? What is your communication style and how can you adapt to others?

Powerful Communication and Impact Training is typically a 2 day programme designed to make the most of your natural skills as a communicator and take them to the next level. We use a wide variety of interactive techniques including real life case studies, self analysis, observation and practice to bring about a positive transformation in the way you communicate with people.


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