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Persuading and Influencing Skills Training

The ability and persuade others is a fundamental life skill. In business it is imperative. Keeping the theme of ‘seek first to understand’ our persuading and influencing programmes help build delegates confidence and skill by the liberal application of theory and practise.

The theoretical aspect focuses on the principles of the Push Pull model. The Push Pull model has five dimensions, Asserting, Shared Understanding, Logical Reasoning, Energising (Negotiation) and Credibility.

Each element of the model is appraised and ultimately applied in a series of practical exercises.

A key part of the programme is understating people behaviour using the Carl Jung Insights model which focuses on the importance of verbal and non verbal behaviour in the communication cycle. Each delegate will complete their own profile before building an action plan to approach specific people on their return to the workplace.

This Persuading and Influencing programme is designed to help delegates get the ‘edge’ when communicating with others.

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