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Media Interview Training

The media interview training is conducted by Scott Imren who has more than 10 years’ experience directing network news on ITV, Channel 5, Channel 4 and ABC as well as business and financial news for Reuters and CNBC.

Media Environments:

Our media interview training will ensure every participant will be given a comprehensive introduction to each environment on what to expect and how to prepare. They will then be interviewed ‘as-live’ in as realistic a manner as possible. We then review the recorded performance and discuss how improvements can be made.

1 - The ‘live’ studio interview
Our media interview training will familiarise you with what can be an intimidating environment and let you in on some simple industry secrets that can make all the difference to your credibility.

2 - The ‘Down-The-Line’ interview
You will often see interviewees on the news “joining us from Manchester/Norwich/Edinburgh” etc. These are predominantly ‘green-screen’ studios where the person is sitting in front of a green curtain and a moving image of the appropriate city is superimposed behind them. You will gain essential experience in wearing an earpiece and talking confidently to a presenter, who you won’t see, hundreds of mile away.

3 - The Public Statement
You may want to alert the media that you will be making a public statement outside your office and have the chance to manipulate the news agenda yourself. Our media interview training will explain how to do this and how to deliver it.

Alongside becoming familiar with the television news environment you will gain a valuable understanding into what journalists require to tell the story, avoid the many pitfalls that exist and leave fully prepared to deal with any sudden media relations exercise that confronts you in the future. The media interview training we deliver will prepare you to see the media as a tool that can be used to your advantage.


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