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Applied Learning Methodology

At DPM Training Ltd we believe that training is only as effective when:

  • The learner has received formal subject matter input building Knowledge and Skills
  • The learner has applied new concepts, new thinking to their role in ‘live’ business  situations.
  • The learner has had the opportunity to share successes with colleagues.
  • The learner has an agreed Coaching Plan with their Line Manager

Best thinking on embedding learning from many different sources – Cranfield and the Covey Institute suggest broadly that:

  • 10% of learning takes place in a formal workshop environment
  • 20% of learning takes place through Coaching
  • 70% of learning is through application, learning from peers and Coaching..

To that end we have developed a methodology which has produced significant uptake in terms of learning and, crucially, results through applied application.
Our methodology is a blended learning approach over a minimum of a five month learning journey comprised as follows:

  • Bespoke 2 day Workshop
  • 4-5 weeks later: Applied Learning Webex or Training Room Based (dependent on Client).
  • 4-5 weeks later: Applied Learning Webex or Training Room Based (dependent on Client).
  • Telephone Coaching 1:1
  • Telephone Coaching 1:1

Applied learning methodology

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