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Sales Management Training - Don Moore

Don Moore

Don has a passion for training and personal development. On leaving the Army he embarked on a career as a salesman for Grand Metropolitan.

His passion for people development helped him to achieve a number of senior management positions including a regional Directorship for a FTSE 250 company. To underline his business credentials Don completed an MBA (dip) at Brighton University.

He has worked as a freelance consultant for nine years working on assignments in a variety of locations from Hong Kong, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Europe and North America. Don often delivers motivational speeches as part of his skills portfolio.

Sales Management Training - Hayley Mogridge

Hayley Mogridge

A creative optimist, Hayley’s drive comes from a passionate belief that everyone should be encouraged to reach their potential - so benefiting individuals and organisations with self motivated, focused employees. A successful manager herself with over 10 year's experience, she uses these experiences to turn the theories into tangible examples her delegates can relate to.

Her training has been described as “inspirational” with her natural ability to quickly build rapport and develop successful business relationships with a diverse group of delegates and clients. As a trainer Hayley has to believe 100% in her material that the theory can in practice be useful in the day to day reality of the commercial world.

She has an interactive, relaxed style, and is able to react quickly to the individual needs of the group. She maintains a fun stimulating environment through creative exercises, variety of pace, desk toys, music and a keen sense of humour!

Some of her most recent projects have been; a management development programme for Lindt and Sprungli, presentation skills for both McAfee and Redhat, and a customer care programme for RBS and Coutts. Delegates have seen tangible benefits not just in terms of confidence and knowledge, in some cases promotion, but also in significant improvements to the structure of their departments and way it operates. Hayley has also been training managers and sales teams at Citrix for the past 3 years helping them to hone their presentation skills, she has had 100% success rate in terms of increasing skill and confidence in this area. In addition to this she has recently written and presented a number of training films as part of an ongoing management programme, for SSVC who provide TV, Radio broadcasting and entertainment to the British Forces.

Sales Management Training - Scott Imren

Scott Imren

Producer / Director Scott Imren's credits include Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV News, Reuters, MTV, Nickelodeon, ABC News, Sky Sports and Al Jazeera.

As well as directing live multi-camera programmes he also provides training and consultancy to TV stations around the world and is a regular guest lecturer in Film and Television Production at London University of the Arts.

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